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glass crystal water bottle

crystal water bottle

Enjoy GemWater that tastes like it's fresh from the spring, no matter where you are. What makes it so special? You can screw the bottom of the bottle off!


ViA holds 16.9 fl oz of water, and is made of premium, pollutant-free glass.  It comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a GemPod, filled with an exquisite selection of hand-picked precious gemstones.  Besides allowing you to change the GemPod as you please, the bottle's removable bottom also makes it much easier to clean than traditional water bottles. The patented GemPod is assembled by hand in the German Alps.

ViA is available in twelve carefully selected gemstone blends, suiting every preference and mood. Scroll down to discover the full variety of ViA blends and to learn more about some exciting accessories that make using your ViA even more convenient.


ViA Flower of Life
ViA Jubilee Ayurveda
ViA Wellness
ViA Five Elements
ViA Fitness
ViA Balance
ViA Love
ViA Love
ViA Vitality
ViA Luna
ViA Luna
ViA Forever Young
ViA Happiness
ViA Guardian

gem water bottle with protection

gem water bottle with protection


Get an even better grip on your ViA when you use one of our practical and stylish LOOP caps.


Although we always felt that a simple pre-attached carry strap would diminish the puristic design and elegance of our ViA, we know that holding a bottle on a loop is just so much more comfortable. That's why we created the LOOP caps.


The LOOP cap comes in black or white.  Every LOOP consists of two silicone pieces; one with a handle to cover the top lid, and one for the bottom lid of your ViA.  LOOP is the perfect solution to safely carry your precious ViA bottle in style. 




Every year, plastic bottles are filled with 23.5 billion gallons of water. In the United States, there are 1,500 plastic bottles used per second! 80% of them are not recycled. Besides taking up space in landfills, plastic bottles are detrimental to our environment in another way: They are made from petroleum.  More and more of our world's beautiful natural landscapes are being destroyed and polluted by drilling and fracking. Transporting bottled water over oceans and continents by planes, ships, trains, and trucks consumes vast amounts of energy and burdens our environment. Start with a small contribution to save the environment by using refillable glass bottles like our ViA . Also keep in mind: When you drink VitaJuwel GemWater, you're saving money by not buying bottled water and doing your part to save our environment.

Wanna get more gemwater variety for your ViA?

For collectors and true gemwater lovers! If you already own a ViA bottle and would like to add more variety to your daily drinking routine, an additional GemPod is just right for you.